1. Plants need inputs to grow
2. Growing plants without soil
Week 3 - The environment has an effect on all living things
Week 4 - Chemical and Physical reactions
Week 5 - Introduction to Light
6. Energy
7. Growing Peas
8. Heat and Energy
9. Corn

Experiment Check In

Light Experiment
Now time to finish the set up your experiment. Remove the 5×5 humidity domes from your microgreens and set up your experiment by placing the lamps over both of your 5×5 trays, one lamp for each tray.
Make sure that one of the lamps has a barrier in between the lamp and the surface of the plants. This should be the same barrier you had on top of the dome during the germination phase. Now it should be resting on the 5×5 tray.

Onions/ Chives and Bok Choi
Keep these under the lights next to your Light Experiment. Note any changes.

Make sure you are tracking your measurements everyday.

Did you water today?