1. Plants need inputs to grow
2. Growing plants without soil
Week 3 - The environment has an effect on all living things
Week 4 - Chemical and Physical reactions
Week 5 - Introduction to Light
6. Energy
7. Growing Peas
8. Heat and Energy
9. Corn

Write a Hypothesis

When writing your hypothesis, there are a few things to remember:

  • The reader should be able to understand the topic and focus of your experiment from reading the hypothesis. (Think about the question you are trying to answer and be sure you answer it!)
  • You should use an if- then statement:
    • If an action happens, then this will be the result.
  • Be sure your hypothesis can be proved true or false, it should be testable.

Also, you should be able to identify the variables in your hypothesis. The independent variable is the thing you are changing, the dependent variable is the result you will get.