1. Plants need inputs to grow
2. Growing plants without soil
Week 3 - The environment has an effect on all living things
Week 4 - Chemical and Physical reactions
Week 5 - Introduction to Light
6. Energy
7. Growing Peas
8. Heat and Energy
9. Corn

Starting an experiment

Yesterday we went over a little background knowledge on pH and the difference between chemical and physical changes
Today we are going to apply that knowledge in an experiment to discover whether your growing media are acidic, neutral or basic.

Your first job is to gather all your materials together.

You will need: test tube, teaspoon, pipette, baking soda, vinegar, water, soil plug, coco coir, local soil and rocks.

You will also need your journal to record your hypothesis and record your data

Once you have gathered all you materials you are ready to begin the experiment.