1. Plants need inputs to grow
2. Growing plants without soil
Week 3 - The environment has an effect on all living things
Week 4 - Chemical and Physical reactions
Week 5 - Introduction to Light
6. Energy
7. Growing Peas
8. Heat and Energy
9. Corn


Observations can be made using any of your five senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Examples of observations unrelated to this experiment are:

  • The smell in a room you just entered
  • The feeling of warm air coming in through a window
  • Watching a solution color change
  • Hearing dry leaves crunch as you step on them

Observe the process of your microgreens growing for the next 7-10 days.

As you make your observations, record any changes you notice in your science journal. For example, near day #3, small green shoots might appear to be popping up from the seeds. Use these guiding questions to help you make your observations:

  • What do you see on the inside of the dome?
  • Are the seeds sprouting at the same or different times?
  • Do you smell anything that’s different from your last observation?