Next Gen Digital + Dirt Education

Interactive agriculture based STEM enrichment integrating a virtual LMS & living laboratories

K-12 Enrollment for 20-21' is Open

Access a digital NGSS aligned curriculum with teacher & student dashboards.

Have distance learning kits sent to your ‘pod’ or institution for the 2020 school year.

Living laboratories are provided at no cost when you subscribe to the online curriculum.

Online Curriculum + Living Laboratories

Use a virtual platform to teach, quiz, report & track progress for students, teachers & administrators.

Our expanding enrichment curriculum aligns to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

This adaptable program utilizes living laboratories ranging from distance learning kits to aquaponic greenhouses. 

Available to pods and institutions of all sizes, anywhere in the country for learning levels K-12.

Project Based Learning

Experiential Education Integrating Online Learning & School Gardens

Integrated Student & Professional Development

Program Durations:

6-36 weeks

Classroom Sizes:


Program Grades:

Interactive Systems Learning

A hands on program that leverages digital & natural systems.

Curriculum Aligned to NGSS

Engage students while teaching required STEM concepts.

Professional Development

Teacher & parent minded tools with industry leading LMS for your pod or institution.

Key Supporters

Curriculum & activities created by STEM teachers

Our curriculum has been developed since 2015 inside of Title I schools, correctional institutions, enrichment programs, etc. 

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